Utilization of pufatherm

To increase the pressure resistance of the boards,

we recommend applyinga solid Painter and Repair Fabric using Glassfibre and Non-Woven Wallpaper Adhesive GK.


Using the additional Painter and Repair Fabric results in a uniform smooth and strong surface for high quality wallpapering as well as for filling, painting and varnishing techniques.

Wallpaper and wallcoverings

All kinds of wallpaper and wallcovering can be applied directly onto the white ®pufatherm surface. We recommend the adhesives GK or GTV. Use a wallpaper remover if the wallpapers are difficult to C remove during the next renovation.


Synthetic-resin emulsion plasters

can be applied without reinforcement strips onto the white side of ®pufatherm.

  • on cold exterior walls
  • on damp exterior walls
  • on cold partition walls
  • on cold cellar walls
  • at heat bridges, plastercracks
  • in corners
  • at heat loss in radiator niches
  • on window- and door reveals
  • upon and in shutter boxes
  • on walls, behind furniture
  • on ceilings
  • on roof slopes