Properties and processing


are thermal insulation boards for interior use. Due to the special white bonding coat the boards can immediately be wallpapered and painted. Reduces the water vapour permeability. Prevents mould formation due to the effectice humidity protection for walls and ceilings and thus improves the indoor climate. Evens out slight irregularities of the surface. Reduces heat thermal bridges as well as cold thermal bridges.
* Up to 30 % less heat loss compared to brick masonry that has not been insulated.


Suitable surfaces are walls and ceilings. The surface has to be dry, solid, clean and evenly absorbent. Thoroughly clean humid surfaces, areas infected with mould or efflorescence and allow to dry. Eliminate the cause of moisture penetration.
Remove old wallpapers, water-soluble and loose coatings with Wallpaper Remover and remove them completely. Use Interior Filler to fill cracks, holes and joints. Remove dust from filled areas and prime with Deeply-Penetrating Primer LF. Also prime highly absorbent, slightly sandy and chalky surfaces with Deeply-Penetrating Primer LF - solvent free.

Adhesives for ®pufatherm boards

The usage of Styrofoam Adhesive is recommended for absorbent surfaces. For non-absorbent surfaces, e. g. synthetics, metal, ceramic, contact-adhesives like Contact Adhesive K 12 are applied..

  • on cold exterior walls
  • on damp exterior walls
  • on cold partition walls
  • on cold cellar walls
  • at heat bridges, plastercracks
  • in corners
  • at heat loss in radiator niches
  • on window- and door reveals
  • upon and in shutter boxes
  • on walls, behind furniture
  • on ceilings
  • on roof slopes