Work stages

Adhesive application

Evenly apply Styrofoam Adhesive onto absorbent surfaces in the width of one board using a notched trowel (B2 tending). Evenly apply Contact Adhesive K12 onto non-absorbent surfaces in the width of one board using a suitable roller (always follow manufacturer‘s instructions).

Laying of the board

Place the board with the grey back into the wet adhesive and roll it out thoroughly. Roll out any bubbles to the sides.

Joint sealing

Always lay the following insulation boards neatly to the joint or joint lapping (remove the remaining strips of the double cut).


Thoroughly rolling out

Evenly roll out the cutting edges with the rubber roller.


We recommend Lightfiller L10 for subsequent fillings and repair works e. g. of corners, ceiling connection joints, seams and damaged spots.

Drying time

Allow adhesive to dry for at least 24 hours. Check the drying of the adhesive and the firm adhesion of the insulating boards in several places prior to subsequent works.

  • on cold exterior walls
  • on damp exterior walls
  • on cold partition walls
  • on cold cellar walls
  • at heat bridges, plastercracks
  • in corners
  • at heat loss in radiator niches
  • on window- and door reveals
  • upon and in shutter boxes
  • on walls, behind furniture
  • on ceilings
  • on roof slopes