insulation boards with system

pufatherm® insulation boards

pufatherm® insulation boards

7 mm insulating boards for indoor use for renovating and prevent moisture damage.


products for processing

Primer - solvent free

Acrylate-primer for indoors and outdoors. Stabilizes porous, sandy and chalky plaster, concrete, eternit, plasterboards etc.

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Styrofoam Adhesive

Ready for use emulsion adhesive for styrofoam and rigid-foam. For bonding ceiling boards, lining papers, insulating boards and moulding patterns. For indoors.

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Contact Adhesive

Ready-for-use contact adhesive for high stability. Ideal for the bonding of cork flooring and the secure bonding of styrofoam, wooden panels, carpets wit TR and non-woven backs, needle felt and similar materials even on non absorbent surfaces.

Light Filler L10

Ultraligh, white filler for connecting joints of windows, doors and skirting boards, plasterboards, plaster fibreboards and similar dry construction boards as well as for filling insulation boards and plaster mouldings. Remains slightly elastic even after hardening and adapts to the surface.

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Spezialkleber Security GK10

Security adhesive for woodchip wallpapers, glassfibre, renovation and reinforcement fabrics as well as heavy wallcoverings. Ideal for wallcoverings that can be overpainted. Perfectly suitable for secure bonding on difficult new plaster areas as on old plaster and plasterboards.

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Roller Wallpaper Adhesive GTV

For wall-painting technique and traditional technique of pasting paper. For smooth and structured non-woven wallpapers and other dimensionally stable wallcoverings.

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  • on cold exterior walls
  • on damp exterior walls
  • on cold partition walls
  • on cold cellar walls
  • at heat bridges, plastercracks
  • in corners
  • at heat loss in radiator niches
  • on window- and door reveals
  • upon and in shutter boxes
  • on walls, behind furniture
  • on ceilings
  • on roof slopes